Friday, June 5, 2009


I was relating a story this week: last summer I asked a good friend about my weaknesses- what did she see as my biggest weakness? Her answer: vunerability. Just stopping there I can say my life has changed since. But I want more.
It's almost scary to admit, but I want more openness and vunerability in my life. Tonight I long for something deeper. My heart yearns and aches for love. When I wrestled with the notion when it was first presented, I was scared of getting hurt. That is a chance I take when I open up to others. But now I welcome the possibility for deeper, real relationships. Maybe that is why I am so brave tonight to share this. (although it could also be due to less screening because it is late ;-). ) but as much time as I have spent in prayer this week, I can't help but think this is of God; what amazing thing does he have in store?

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