Sunday, December 11, 2011

God is working

This has been an amazing weekend. Yesterday Jerry's older brother was reunited with his 11 year old daughter that he hadn't seen since she was a baby. They all came over to our place. It was great to be a part of that. And since his brother doesn't have a car and lives an hour away, Jerry went to get him. And we had a Christmas party to attend last night, so they stayed the night and Jerry's brother Ricky and his 4-year old daughter went to church with us this morning. This brother hasn't attended church since he was a child, but seemed eager to go. So we didn't know, but there was a healing evangelist speaking today. I was working in the nursery, so didn't see what was going on, but as we were walking to the car, Ricky says, that he was embarrassed to say anything during the service, but he got healed. I guess he told Jerry that he wanted to go forward for prayer. (Ricky said he was on the edge of his seat the whole time during the message.) So he was up there with tears rolling down his face, and he said his back just popped, down the line, without him doing anything. Then he said he felt a pain in his left foot, which hadn't been giving him any problems, but then it was gone. And he realized that the pain left through his foot. He was so excited to go back to our place and tell his girlfriend what happened. She told us he had scoliosis and checked his back, and said his spine was straight. So so exciting!!! Ricky does not (even close) live the life of a believer, although he grew up knowing and at one point said "the prayer." So we are praying this is a life-changing experience for him and his family. I think Jerry will start going and getting him (them) on weekends. He was saying before we even left that he has to bring his girlfriend back. His daughter did great in class. First time she has even been in an environment like that.

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